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Budgeting & Strategy

Budgeting and strategy are critical to any PPC campaign. Here is an easy way to think about strategy and budgeting when it comes to PPC.

A strategy is your car and your budget is the gas.

If you don’t own a car then obviously then you have no place to put your gasoline. This is the way that I think about strategy and budgeting: Without a solid strategy in place, there is no mechanism for determining where to invest money allocated to PPC

Over the coming weeks, we will be adding to this but let’s start with the first two points. So, how do we create an effective PPC strategy?

  • Establish goals. Much like anything in life, you need to have an objective and target. Establish your PPC goals that are geared towards improving overall business metrics to ensure alignment. You need to review your PPC goals, at a minimum, bi-annually to ensure they’re still relevant and in alignment with the current overall business situation.


  • Prioritize. Once you have established your goals, it’s important to determine key priorities. Here is an example: if your main goal is revenue growth, then your priority should be executing initiatives that drive conversions, like a keyword or audience expansion. On the other hand, if your primary goal is improving profit, then your priority should be focused on initiatives such as search query report (SQR) mining for negative keywords and optimization.

Next time we will be discussing the next steps in creating an effective SEM strategy.


Team My Marketing Advisors

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