My Marketing Advisors | Searching for a Digital Marketing Agency?
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Searching for a Digital Marketing Agency?

Are you searching for a Digital Marketing Agency? Do you know what factors to consider?


Here are Key Factors to consider when choosing a Marketing Agency!


  1. Do they have a portfolio and is their portfolio relevant to your company? With the vast area of marketing agencies in the market space, its critical to find one that is a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for your vertical.
  2. Who is your customer and has this agency worked with similar companies or competitors? As with any learning curve, why not work with a company that has tested and proven its ability with another firm in your market? Chances are they made some mistakes along the way and hopefully, they learned from it.
  3. Are they transparent? If any company can’t or won’t be transparent and clearly define its process, run! Small and medium-sized businesses can be a little in the dark when it comes to understanding digital marketing (which is fine, you are not in the business of marketing!). Hire a company that can speak in layman’s terms and makes it easily understandable to you.
  4.  Are they established? There are several ways to look at this. You can always go with the obvious. How long have they been in business? If they are newly established (under a year), ask for their background and examples of work.
  5. Communication! If you’re having a hard time getting initial responses or they delay conversations or proposal deliveries, you’re probably in for the same experience after you buy. 
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